If you get board of the beach, which is nearly impossible :p you may want to consider a tour. I chose a few ones close to SolTroia, however, with a quick internet search you will find others. These are not only close, but should provide a memorable day/afternoon.

There are a few boats that take people to see the dolphins. Normally they take off from Setúbal which is only a ferryboat ride away.

Several companies are doing these tours:

-Rotas do sado
-ludyesfera -SmartBox gift

Badoca Safari parke is only 52Km away.

This is a great way of seeing the animals in there "normal" habitat without having to go to Africa. Badoca park has a range of activities planed for you. check there website for more information and cheep prices.

There are several Tours of Lisbon you may go on. Lisbon has a lot to see and one day is quite short. However if you have never been there and you would like a snap shot of Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais, all in one day, you may want to consider this tour link.

However, one cannot consider visiting Lisbon without checking out the Castelo de São Jorge (Castle of Saint George).

This is a wonderful way of flying around the peninsula check out the man made resorts and the different beaches. Its a trip you wont forget!

This activity requires a minimum number of participants. Please call the instructor to check availability an prices. Check out there website for all the information.​