In the quiet peninsula of Tróia there are three main options for a night out after dinner.

For the last couple of years Comporta Café has provided the best entertainment in the peninsula without a shadow of a doubt. Dinner time is from 8pm to 11ish, after the music starts, keeping in mind the public audience (30-50) and after 2am, when the younger generation makes its way there, the music slowly catches up to the era, and it only stops with the sun rise.

The space is just gorgeous, you can be inside, outside on the wooden deck facing the ocean or you can have your feet in the sand. This is truly one of the best places in the world you can go for a night out. Strongly recommend it!

Beach club has had many names over the years and several owners. One thing that does not change is the gorgeous view with its abundant natural beauty. Depending on who is runing it you may have the restaurant open, live music, club atmosphere or a place to have a quite whisky.

This fabulous space is on your way to the beach, so just pop by one night and see what it's like! It is also the best place to enjoy an ice cream or what ever you fancy after an intense day of relaxing, tanning and beach volley.