Sol Troia Residencia Resort

Sol Troia is a unique residential resort with private villas and condos. These share the sports facilities as well as the sun and award winning sandy beaches. The resort is very peaceful and secure making it a perfect location for families with small children. The resort is a place where children can have space ride their bicycles, play and explore miles of coastal beach.

Sol Troia Residencia Resort Attractions

Sol Troia’s main attraction is it’s stunningly beautiful miles of endless white sand and turquoise water beaches. The location has been considered several times as being among best of the best by international publication, including The Guardina and Thriller. There are however other attractions. Within the facilities one can, free o f charge, take advantage of a multipurpose court, a football court and well as a maintenance circuit (about 1mile or 1.6km long). Soltroia is also perfect for other activities/sports such as paddle surf tours of the roman ruins, dolphin watching tour, wine tasting sunset boat tour, kitesurfing, wind surfing, volleyball, horseback riding, golf, fishing, off-road trails and others.

Sol Troia Residencia Resort Location

Sol Troia is located in the Peninsula of Troia in between Comporta and Troia. Placing it with 10 minutes of each for other activities families might want to enjoy. 10 minutes drive up the road toward inland you’ll find Comporta , a small fisherman Village with the traditional white walls with blue stripes. Perfect for a family to explore! The food ranges from local very authentic places to more fine dining experiences on the beach restaurants. The beaches are also very welcoming and at night there is some activity the very well know Comporta Café. Which has amazing grilled fish by day and music by night. Toward the peak of the peninsula you’ll find the award winning golf course, Troia Golf, as well as the casino, local commerce a marina and a few restaurants. Perfect for when the family wants to do something different.

There are 1000 other things Sol Troia has on offer. Alentejo, the region where Soltroia is, is unique because of not only its natural resources but the people are genuinely interested to hear your stories and help you have a wonderful time.